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Verschuere Technology SA is a manufacturer of concrete plants, and machines for recycling soil (segregating, screening, re-grading, weighing, treating and stabilising the excavated ground) . Our specialties are the manufacture of plants for stabilized concrete, mobile or fixed, continuous or discontinuous, painted or galvanized, in weight or volumetric system, with or without automation, double axis, continuous, horizontal or planetary mixers, block molds concrete, vibrating tables and all the material for the concrete industry.

In a brand new infrastructure on a site of more than 8.000m², the company diversifies in the recycling of ground with its mobile installation for treating silts and clays or other similar materials, with lime or cement to stabilize and re-use in stabilised material.

Our engineering department and our entire team are at your disposal for all constructions, automations, maintenance and repairs.

Here is a brief history of the company, whose Managing Director Mr. Luc Verschuere is the precursor and the key element.


1976: Mr. Luc Verschuere is engaged to the company Douterloigne in Anzegem where he will prove his worth, for 15 years, as company director. 1990: He decides to go on his own and creates his own company that will become S.A. Ets Verschuere. He started trading in concrete chemicals (additives) and materials for the concrete industry. Soon, the passion for building materials outweighs additives. At the end of 1997, this will be the first turning point in the company's journey when, with the help of his wife who has meanwhile stopped his career, Mr Luc Verschuere decided to create his own construction workshop. He then hires his brother Marc Verschuere for the management of the workshop, a worker and a draftsman. December 1999: The company begins to feel cramped in its 600m² workshop and acquires a former industrial site of 8000 m² including 4500 m² built in Warcoing on the entity of Pecq. The company begins to create its own projects little by little and then to manufacture and market them.

January 2001: A second company, from the activities of his wife, is reborn from the ashes and enters the race under the name of Verschuere Technology SA. The latter, with the same social object, the mechanical and metallic construction but with a registration number in addition, will take care of the marketing and manufacturing jointly with the S.A. Ets Verschuere. These two companies, side by side, in the future and for administrative reasons will become one.
2003: The team comprises nearly 20 people: the draftsman became technical director, two other draftsmen, an additional secretary, a studio supervisor and workers specializing in mechanics, sheet metal and electrical- electronics for automation.

At the end of 2005, the company acquired a robotic plasma cutting table to increase its production and produce all the components of its machines. The company is restructuring.
In 2006, the company developed a first prototype for the stabilization of limestone backfill land and waste. The workforce exceeds 20 people, including engineers, designers, computer scientists, electricians and technicians.

In 2009, the company feels crowded again and is preparing to build a new industrial hall and new offices on more than 4000 m² more. The whole is accompanied by the commitment of the first commercial.Exhibitor at the International Intermat Fair in Paris (1st sale in England). Only walloon manufacturer and 2 manufacturers in Belgium, located in Flanders, not active in recycling. Leader in Belgium.

In 2010, the financial crisis was clearly felt, but the construction of the new building made it possible to compensate slightly for the decline in activity. Exhibitor in Munich, Metz, Lyon and Nantes (1st sale in Switzerland and for Africa).
2011 Construction is built and recovery is underway (rehire of staff - numerous references in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands).
Since 2012, we have been pursuing a policy of rationalizing development and production costs and using 3D design systems.

Since 2014, we have been alone on the market for severity plants and liming plants in Belgium.
Since mid-2015, the company once again has a filled order book at 8 months and can now afford to rehire and bring a promising future perspective in the longer term.
2016 A new communication effort is created by the modification of the website and presentation films. We welcome the birth of various partnerships and participate in Bauma



Concrete Plants

Realization of lean concrete plants and stabilized to measure  of 120t / h, 240 t / h, 320t / h, 600 t / h or 800 t / h ...


Treatment of lime land with fixed machinery

Treatment of lime and cement silts, clays and crushing inerts. Land reclamation with fixed machinery ...


Physico-chemical treatment of land

Coming Soon ...


Treatment of lime land with mobile machinery

Treatment of lime and cement silts, clays and crushing inerts. Land reclamation with mobile machinery ...


Cleaning of land

Coming Soon ...


Other products

Coming Soon ...



Available soon!



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Rue des Tilleuls 37 

7740 Pecq, Belgium

Phone : 0032(0)69 77 70 07

Commercial contact : 0032(0)475 28 15 99

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