Concrete or stabilise batching plants, mobile or fixed, continu or discontinu, galvanised or painted, in weigh system or volumetric weigh system, with or without automatic continu or planetary mixer with double axe, citerne, trembling tables and all material for the concrete industry are our specialities.
In our brand-new infrastructure of more than 8000m², our society diversifies its offer with a mobile installation for the recycling of grounds.
Ground or simalor material is treated with this installation, stabilised and can that way be reused as stabile piled up material.

Our engineering service and the complete group are available for all construction, automatisation, maintenance and breakdown service

 Concrete batchingplants

 Ground recycling


Mobiles and Fixed silos We manufacture and install silos, mobile or fixed on semi-trailers or on followers. Adaptation possible on existing installations. Realisation of fludification, setting from automatic level controle and filling. Capacity from the silos: 24 up to 54m³ (horizontal mobile silo) and 37 up to 180m³ (fixed vertical silo)- Screws also available.

Double arms continu mixer Our double arms continu mixer have a production capacity from 100T/h up to 800 T/h. They produce thinly concrete and rich concrete, as well as the stabilisation of grounds with lime. The mixers need very little maintenance and are the most faithful and strongest on the market. (CE standards)

Stabilised and concrete batchingplants Manufactory for mixed concrete batchingplants or stabilise(thin concrete) on measure with an ongoing weigthing according to standards. Double arms continu mixer.
Our installations are warmly sink or painted towards wish of the customer. Capacity from 120t/h, 240t/h, 320t/h, 600t/h or 800t/h from 1 to 16 hoppers, 15 to 20m³ or 35m³ and all this with our developed stearing and synoptic. CE standards

Machines for ground recycling (clay) Treatment of ground with lime to upvalue and recycle grounds with mobile, hyper-mobile (trucks) and fixed machines. Adaptation by measures on existing machines.
Dosing by weighting of lime with a accurate according to the standards; Machines without flowing from lime. Our installations have been adapted for difficult products, with or without screen

Cleaning Wheel bac and concrete modulo bloc We build washing wheel system for truks

Automation, targeting and synoptic Our engineers manufacture the automation and the synoptic from our batchingplants. Replacement or adaptation of old and new machines. Continu weighting (patent) with a precision of less than 2%. Control by means of radio frequency (hertz). Printing of production data form mobile machines by means of ADSL,GSM, GPRS.